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I pray that all of you are doing well. I pray that your families are doing well. I would like to talk to you and discuss with you a Sunday School lesson that we studied on May 4, 2008. The Sunday School lesson was taken from the 1st chapter of the Old Testament book of Haggai. The title of the lesson was, "The Temple Rebuilt". I would like to discuss this lesson in connection with a question that was recently raised by one of my church's Elders. This Elder, who is a good brother, wanted to know whether or not we as Christians and believers should be concerned with the wickedness that the governments of the world, (especially the government of America), commit against the people of the world. We will answer that question by looking at the lesson found in the 1st chapter of Haggai. In answering this pertinent question, we want to discuss the historical background and reality in the lesson. Next in answering the question posed by my church's Elder, we want to briefly discuss the true identity of the Hebrews and then discuss their purpose for existing as a nation. We want to discuss their enslavement and reasons for their enslavement. Looking at the title, "The Temple Rebuilt", we want to discuss the circumstances surrounding the rebuilding of the temple. We will then take a second look at the lesson metaphorically and symbolically. Only after we examine the lesson metaphorically and symbolically can we then properly apply the lesson to ourselves in this time of 2008 and beyond. All of this will enable us to answer the question posed by my church's Elder, concerning wickedness in government and the proper response of the believers to such wickedness. Let's proceed... Download June_18.doc
The War In Afghanistan
Our President, Brother Barack Obama, is calling for a troop buildup in Afghanistan and further attacks on Pakistan. In this article, written right after the Bush Administration invaded Afghanistan in 2001, we are reminded of the real reasons for this original invasion. We talk about secret meetings that were held concerning Afghanistan. We reveal the identity of those that participated in the meetings. We reveal the hidden location of the meetings. We reveal the monetary promises that were made in those meetings. We reveal how those secret meetings led to Bush's invasion of Afghanistan. As we learn the real facts about the first invasion of Afghanistan, let us unite and help our President Barack Obama. We truely desire that the Obama Administration act and behave differently from the Bush Administration. We want real and true change. We want to save life, not destroy life. Let us continue.... Download The_War_in_Afghanistan.doc