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Reflections On Black History Month

Greetings Dear and Wonderful people of the human family: Usually as we think on Black history, we only go so far as the history of Black people in America. The reality is that the history of Black people does not start in America. That history starts in Africa. That history is a long history that goes all the way to the beginning of time. It is now verified by scientists, anthropologists, historians and researchers of all types that all life came from Africa. All life started in Africa and then spread forth to the rest of the earth. Africa and Africans gave birth to the human family. It is also true that civilization was first started in Africa by the African and then spread abroad to the rest of the human family. The African freely taught the human family the art of civilization, because the African loved the whole human family. Out of Africa and the Africans come the concept of government, economics, agriculture, fine arts, science, medicine, religion, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, metaphysics and all of the other sciences that are too numerous to name. I want to deal briefly with religion and philosophy. Did you know that Christianity originated in Africa? Did you know that the concept of the One Divine Creator originated in Africa? Did you know that the Ethiopian Coptic Church is the oldest church on the planet? Did you know that the first Christian emperor or king was not Constantine of Rome, but Azana, Emperor of Ethiopia? Constantine reigned in 300 A.D., but Azana reigned in 100 A.D. Did you know that long before Rome had bishops and cardinals and popes, Africa had these religious offices hundreds of years before Rome? You can find these facts in a video presentation by Scholar Ashra Kwesi entitled, The African Origin of Christianity. Interesting Huh? Let us quickly say a few things about philosophy. In school they taught us that Greece originated all of the sciences already mentioned. They taught us that Greece originated philosophy. The reality is that philosophy comes from Africa. The word philosophy comes from an African Egyptian word, Sophus. That word means wisdom. In Egypt the purpose of philosophy was to discuss the wisdom in the universe for the salvation of the soul. Our Greek brothers and sisters had no word for wisdom. They had to study what was in Egypt to understand wisdom. All of the Greek philosophers went to Egypt to study from Africans. They were supposed to study for 40 years, but none of them finished their term. In the writings of Plutarch, a Greek historian, who lived from 46-120 A.D., we learn the names of the African Egyptian teachers of some of the most famous Greek philosophers. Greek Philosopher Eudoxus was taught by an African Egyptian priest named Chonuphis of Memphis, Egypt; Greek Philosopher Solon was taught by Sonchis of Sais, Egypt and Greek Philosopher Pythagoras was taught by Oeniphis of Heliopolis, Egypt. This is the beauty of the African people and African culture. African people love the whole of the human family. If the African has something to give the human family, it is given out of profound love for the whole of the human family. Thank you for reading these few words. Let us continue to love and share with each other.


Another Perspective on Dr. King

I have been talking to Christians about equal rights and justice for over 20 years. Most and almost all of them tell me that this is not the time for that issue to be dealt with. I have been told that the church is not to deal with these types of issues. I have been told that Yahushuah will do this upon his return. I have been told that the church is to be neutral and not choose sides. I have been told just to come to church and perform that which we are told we are supposed to perform. We fast, we pray, we do all kinds of things that are supposed to bring us close to God. Let us consider the lesson for January 20, 2002. This lesson tells us that what God wants the church to do, is to stand up for the poor. It is the churches’ job to bring about true justice for the people. The church is to bring about a total justice for the people. He says that the proper fast is one that deals with loosing the bands of the wicked. He wants us to undo the heavy burden, free the oppressed and break every yoke. He wants us to feed the hungry, house the poor and clothe the naked. He tells us if we do this then God will hear us when we cry. When we do this we will be healthy and his glory will be our reward. Consider the life of Martin Luther King. He could have been a regular preacher and just preach to make people feel good. He had money, a car and a fine home. He could not do that because he understood what the true purpose of the church was. He understood that the Black church specifically had to do the job. The White church was tied into the system and still is. Racists went to church. The oppressor claimed to be Christian. He understood this lesson. He understood that if he did not do something to stand up for the poor and to free the oppressed, then all his church rituals were nothing but vanity. It would only be valid if he would work on behalf of the poor and oppressed. He had to speak out against war, particularly the Vietnam War. Martin Luther King’s birthday is here and Black History Month is coming. This monumental task has been left to us. We are facing the same things today. We are facing an unjust war in Afghanistan. We as the Black church of today must stand up against wicked tyranny. We must take an active stand against the oppressor on behalf of the oppressed. We must do as King did and confront the Government of the United States of America. It is because of wicked governments that there are poor and oppressed people. If we do not stand up and do our duty, if we do not implement ways of making the poor not poor anymore, then all our rituals are vanity! If we would believe in God we can defeat this whole wicked worldwide system of oppression. In the words of Marcus Garvey: “Up you mighty race. You can accomplish what you will.”