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To The Black Man and Woman: Know Thyself By: Deacon Christopher Frazier

The first thing that I would like to do is explain the boundaries of Eden. You can find the boundaries in Genesis chapter 2 and verse 8-14. There were four rivers that came out of the garden in Eden. The Pison that encompasses the land of Havilah is mentioned first. This land is called Arabia today. Black African people have always inhabited this land. The Gihon is mentioned next. It encompassed the whole land of Ethiopia. I do not have to tell you that this is Africa. The Pison and the Gihon are now known as the Blue and the White Nile rivers that run through the heart of Africa. The next two rivers are the Hiddekel and Euphrates. The Hiddekel is known as the Tigress River today. These last two rivers can be found in what is today called Mesopotamia. This is really extreme North Africa. The Garden in Eden is where God created man. I have proven to you that Eden is in Africa. The first people were created in Africa. The first people were African. Today’s scientists agree with the Bible. Recently on the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel there were programs stating that the first human beings were African and we all came from those first Africans. It was also stated that the first people lived in Africa. Go to their websites and check the information out for yourselves. There is also Mendel’s law. It states that the White gene is most regressive and that the Black gene is most progressive. This means that anytime a White person has a child with other than White that baby will look other than White. Any time a Black person has a child with other than Black that child will still look Black. In the Black man and woman is the dark and the light gene. In the White man and woman there is only the light gene. This means that a White person can only produce White between himself and herself, but Black can produce White. The first White person was an albino person that came from Black. Albino is the absence of color or melanin. It is the melanin in Black people that produce the color that we see. White people, just like albino people do not have this melanin. Let us now turn our attention to Genesis chapter 10. It is here that we find the migration of the people of the earth. First we see the people of Japheth, then the people of Ham and Shem. Japheth is the father of European people; Ham the father of African people; Shem the father of Asian people. The African Ham had four sons; Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan. Cush is the father of Ethiopia, Mizraim is the father of Egypt, Phut is the father of Lybia and Canaan is the father of Canaan. The Hebrews or Israelites are descendents of these men and we Black people in America and the Caribbean are descendents of those Hebrews in the Bible. The Jews site Abraham as their first ancestor. The original name of Abraham was Abram. His story is first seen in Genesis chapter 11 verses 26-28. You can see that he was born in the land that is called Ur of the Chaldees. Go back to Genesis chapter 10 and verse 8. You see that Cush,(Ethiopia), fathered Nimrod. He began a kingdom. His kingdom is Babel, Erech, Accac and Calneh. The words Babel and Chaldee are synonymous. These two words are used interchangeably. Abram, (Abraham), is born in Ur of the Chaldees. Nimrod is the founder of this land. He is son of Cush (Ethiopia). The people of Abram (Abraham) are Ethiopian. He is both from Shem, (Asiatic), and Ham, (African). In the Middle East and North Africa, Africans and Asians mixed together. These people are called Afro-Asiatic. You and I are Afro-Asiatic. Our root is Africa, but we are mixed with Native American and White; but once again our root is Africa and we are Africans. This mixture makes us Afro-Asiatic. Notice that the Afro is first. This is because the African gene is most dominant. History tells us that Ethiopians ruled from what we know today as Ethiopia all the way through Arabia and up into what is called Mesopotamia, (Iraq, Turkey). The people of Abram, (Abraham), are Ethiopian. Remember he is the ancestor of all the Hebrews or Jews in the Bible. He is the ancestor of Jesus, Moses and all the Hebrew and Jewish prophets. I really do not have to go any further, but I will. In Genesis chapter 50 we see that the Hebrew Joseph buries his father Jacob. Joseph has become the number two man in Egypt after having first been a slave in Egypt. Now his whole family has moved to Egypt. In verse 7-10 we see them going to Canaan to bury their father Jacob. In verse 10 we see that the people of Canaan say that this event is a very mournful one for these Egyptians. The key is that Joseph’s family and the Egyptian servants of Joseph went with him to bury Jacob his father. Even though these were different people, they were perceived as the same because they were all Black. The Hebrews looked like the Egyptians and vice-versa. Really we are dealing with different tribes and families here, but they are all African people. Remember that Canaan is also African. Go back to Genesis chapter 10. The name of Jacob was changed to Israel so his descendents are also called Israelites. Jew is another word that is used. In chapter 38 verses 2-30 we see that Judah, a brother of Joseph and an Israelite had children by Canaanite women. One woman was Tamar. She is a direct ancestor of Jesus. Her son Pharez is a distant grandfather of Jesus. Tamar is a Canaanite. Canaan is African and his father is Ham. In Exodus chapter two and verses 15-19 we see that Moses has run away from the Pharaoh of Egypt. He comes to a people called the Midianites. In verse 19 the Midianite women say that an Egyptian has given them help. He is mistaken for an Egyptian because he is African like they are. The specific thing that makes these African Midianites think that he is an Egyptian is his clothing. The type of clothing that you wore distinguished you from other tribes and families. The Midianites are African people as well as the Israelites, (Hebrews), and the Egyptians. It was their clothes that distinguished them from each other. Later in that same chapter of two we see that Moses took a wife from these African Midianite people and had a child. The Midianites are from Abraham and Keturah. Read Genesis chapter 25 verses 1-4. Keturah was the mother of Midian, Dedan, Sheba and other sons. These sons are the fathers of many Arabian people today. Go back to Genesis chapter 10 and verse 7 and you will see that Sheba and Dedan are mentioned as distant sons of Cush. Remember that Cush is the father of Ethiopia. With this in mind we see that Keturah as mother of Midian, Dedan, Sheba and others, is connected with Ethiopia. In the Song of Solomon, first chapter and fifth verse we have of the declaration made that I am Black and comely. The word comely means beautiful. This is where the slogan Black and beautiful comes from. In Jeremiah chapter 8 and verse 21 we see the declaration that I am Black. In Zephaniah chapter one and verse one we see that Zephaniah says that he is a son of Cushi. This word Cushi is from the root word Cush. He is telling us that he is a son of Cush the father of Ethiopia. Zephaniah is a Hebrew prophet. He is an Israelite. He is letting us know that the Hebrews are also descendent of Ethiopia. Amos chapter 9 and verse 7 tells us that the Israelites are as Ethiopians to God. In Ezekiel chapter 16 God tells the Israelites that their mother was a Hittite and their father an Amorite. The Amorites and Hittites are children of Ham. These are all African people. They freely intermarried each other whenever they felt like it. In Acts 21 we see a part of the story of Paul, one of the greatest Hebrew or Israelite preachers that ever lived. In verse 28 of that same chapter we see that he is mistaken for an Egyptian, why: Because he is a Black man. Daniel chapter 7 and verse 9 and Revelation chapter 1 verses 13-15 both refer to Jesus. They say that Jesus had hair like lambs wool. That is that nappy stuff, that Black hair, that good hair. He has feet like brass. Brass is brown. His feet are the color of brass as it was burnt in an oven. If you burn anything it becomes Black. If his feet are Black, then the rest of his body is Black. He is a Black man. I have proven that his ancestry is African. He is African. Read Genesis chapter 15 verses 13-15 and read Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 68 and know that these scriptures are talking of the Black man and woman in the Americas. These scriptures say that Abraham’s seed would be slaves for 400 years. We were slaves from 1555 to 1955. That is 400 years. These scriptures tell us that the Hebrews would be taken into slavery by way of ship. A White racist pirate named John Hawkins first brought our fathers and mothers to Jamestown Virginia to make us slaves. How did he bring our forefather and foremothers into slavery? He took them by way of ship. Black people of the Americas are the only people that were taken as a people into slavery by way of ship. The scripture in Deuteronomy says that they went back into Egypt as slaves. Think with me. You do not need a ship to get to Egypt if you live in what is called the Middle East. The Egypt in that scripture is really America. America is our Egypt, so the Egypt in Deuteronomy is a metaphor for our sojourn in America. Even though our fathers and mothers were supposed to have been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th and 14th amendments, these documents did not free us. Our fathers and mothers had to work that same land they were supposed to be freed from and work for the same master they were supposed to be freed from. They worked as slaves. It was not until Malcolm and Martin that we were able to come up from slavery. This was the year 1955 when God gave us Malcolm and Martin. The scripture that I gave you in Genesis tells us that after 400 years God would come and judge that nation that made us slaves. The Most Honorable Martin Luther King and The Most Honorable Malcolm X fulfilled this prophecy. God came in these two men to free us from the grip of the oppressor. I am telling all Black people to lift your heads up and know that you are African and you are Hebrews and Israelites. You have work to do! Jesus is your brother and you are prophesied to accept him as your Lord and Saviour. He is African and we are African, let us now get up and do the work of the African. Let us rise up as one people and let us never again be disunited again. Read Romans chapter 10, verses nine and ten. This is your destiny Black man and woman. Now read Luke chapter 4 and verse 18; this is your mission. We must preach to the poor and make it so that the poor are poor no more. We must tell those that are in the prisons that Jesus comes to free them from an imposed condition. There are many that are innocent that are in prison. It is oppression that makes criminals. When one has material wealth there is no need to be a criminal. We need to preach that there must be a redistribution of the wealth. Our wealth has been stolen from us. America owes us for the 400 years of slavery that our fathers and mother went through. We must preach and support reparations. The Japanese have gotten it. The Caucasian Jews have gotten it. We should get it. We must preach the gospel of liberty from our oppressors! Speaking of the Caucasian Jew, you must know by now that they could not be the original Jews. The original Jews, as you can tell from the information above, were and are Black. Where did these Caucasian Jews come from? They came from Southern Russia. They converted to the African Jewish religion in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries A.D. Their original tribal name is Khazar. After a little time of practicing the African Jewish religion they mistakenly convinced themselves that they were the Jews from the Bible. They were wrong to steal the land of Palestine from the Palestinians. This fulfilled the scripture found in Ezekiel chapter 38 and chapter 39 and Revelation chapter 20. These scriptures tell us that one from Southern Russia would come and steal the land from those that lived there. The Caucasian Jew is from Southern Russia. I know that you have heard many of them say that their ancestry can be traced back to Russia. Billy Crystal and Joan Rivers have freely admitted that their ancestry is from Russia. We must support the Palestinians. They are from Philistim and Caphtorim. These are two of the sons of Mizraim. Mizraim is the father of Egypt. Read Genesis chapter 10 verses 13 and 14. The Palestinians are descendent from Mizraim. These are our people. We must support the oppressed against the oppressor. I challenge you to take this paper to any preacher. If he argues with this truth then you will know that something is wrong. We must tell our Black brothers and sisters this truth. The greatest knowledge is the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self. Marcus Garvey said that a people that did not know their history are like a tree without roots. A tree with no roots is dead. The motto of Egypt was, ‘Know thy self’. Any preacher should be able to help you find these books of the Bible and the chapters and verses. I thank you for reading these words. If you have any questions please let me know. If you know anyone that would like to hear and know of these things, I am available for speaking engagements. I do not want any money; I just want to give this information to my people. I thank you once again for reading these words Until next time I leave you with the words of peace; we say it in the African Hebrew language, the original language of the Black man and woman: Shalom Alaikum, (Peace be unto you).

The Black Man and Woman In America In Bible Prophecy

Greetings, in the name and title of our God and Saviour, Jesus The Christ: We say his name and title in the Hebrew language, the original language of the Black man and woman: Yahushuah Ha’ Maschiach. I pray and know that you are doing fine. The information that you are about to read is crucial to all Black people and the world. Be sure and read it in the Bible for yourself. Read Genesis 15:13,14. This is a prophecy to Abram. Later the name of Abram is changed to Abraham. In this scripture we are reading his name is still Abram. God tells him that his seed will be a stranger in a land that is not theirs. He says they will be slaves in this land. He says his seed will be slaves for 400 years. He says that after 400 years He would come and judge that nation that put his seed in slavery. After they are delivered from slavery they would come out with great substance. Normally it is said that the Hebrews in the Bible that went into slavery in Egypt fulfill this scripture. You may remember seeing this in the movie from Stephen Spielberg, “The Prince of Egypt”. They do partially fulfill this scripture, but as a mirror of the Black man and woman in America. If you examine the above scripture, in Genesis, it says that Abram’s seed will be strangers in a land that is not theirs. Now fast forward to the Hebrews’ time in Egypt. Let us see if they fulfilled the prophecy found in Genesis 15: 13,14. If they did not then we must look at a later time for the fulfillment of that prophecy. We must look for their seed or descendants for the fulfillment. Read Genesis 45:17,18. This says that the Pharaoh is going to give the Hebrews the good of the land and they shall eat from the good part of the land. Read Genesis 46:34. This tells us that they were given the part of Egypt called Goshen. The prophecy says that the land would not be theirs. They did not fulfill this prophecy at that time. Now we must try to calculate as close as possible their time as slaves in Egypt, by using the scriptures as our guide. We are told in the scripture that the total time in Egypt was 430 years. Read Exodus 12:40. We already know from the scriptures that they did not start out immediately as slaves. They started out as honored guests of the Pharaoh. In Exodus 1 we see a king rise to power that did not know anything of the Hebrews and the fact that they were welcomed into Egypt as friends. This had to take some time, possibly more than one Pharaoh had to come and go. One thing that will help us is to remember that as long as Joseph and his father Jacob remained alive, the Hebrews were not yet slaves. After some years in Egypt Jacob dies and his family buries him in the place that he wishes to be buried. This is found in Genesis chapter 50. They were not yet slaves. Joseph lived to be 110 and then died. Read Genesis 50:22. He was probably around 40 when his family came into Egypt as honored guests of his and the Pharaoh. Ephraim was a son of Joseph. Genesis 50:23 tell us that Joseph saw 3 generations of his son Ephraim come into existence. It appears that Ephraim did not start to have children until some time after his grandfather Jacob entered Egypt and the Hebrews started to dwell in Egypt as friends. A generation is usually considered to be at least 20 years. 3 generations would be approximately 60 years. Subtract 60 from 430 you get 370. Remember 430 is the total time of their dwelling in Egypt. It is sometime after this 60 year period that the Hebrews became slaves. Their time as slaves was at the most 370 years. They were not slaves in Egypt for 400 years. They were slaves for less than 400 years. We have to look for their descendants to fulfill the scripture concerning 400 years. Now let us examine the Black man and woman of America. We will see that we match the prophecies exactly. In the year 1555 a pirate named John Hawkins brought our fathers and mothers into slavery. They were stolen from West Africa. They were put into a ship he called Jesus. Is this not the height of hypocrisy? To use the good name of Jesus for wickedness! We were made to travel like sardines. We were made to travel in conditions that were unsanitary. We often caught diseases. The diseased ones were thrown overboard. Sharks would follow these slave-ships, because they knew that sooner or later they would receive a meal. We lost at least 100 million in the Atlantic Ocean. This body of water was called the Middle Passage. When our fore parents reached land in Virginia, they found out the name of the ship that was used to transport them from Africa to America. When they found out and knew that their new life would be as slaves, they said: “You can have this whole wide world, but I’ll take Jesus for mine”. They were desirous of that ship Jesus to take them back to Africa. This is the beginning of what is called the Negro Spirituals. The Negro Spirituals were born from the pain of slavery. We were deposited on the shores of Jamestown Virginia. We were not given any land. We, from the start were treated as strangers in a land that was never ours. We have never enjoyed full citizenship in this country. The first definition of an American in the dictionary plainly stated that an American was one of European descent. They have changed it in recent times. This year 1555 started our time of slavery. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This was supposed to have freed us. This did not free us, because we were not given the tools to help us go for freedom. We remained on the plantation and had to start what was called sharecropping. The former slave master still controlled our lives. He consistently cheated our parents, put them in constant dept and kept them in virtual slavery. They did not share in the profits; they stole the profits from our fore parents. Examine the Emancipation Proclamation. You will find that Abraham Lincoln was not interested in freeing the slaves; he was interested in saving the union. If he could save the union without freeing the slaves he would have done so. He cared nothing for the slaves. In the year 1955 God gave us Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. All the way through 1955, the Black man and woman did not have any rights that a White person was bound to respect. Our Mothers were still raped, our Fathers were still hung, our little ones still cut down. Believe it or not, these things are still happening. Remember Abner Louima, and Amadou Diallo? Remember what happened in Cincinnati Ohio? These two men, Malcolm and Martin, were the spearheads for freedom for Black people. 1555 to 1955 is 400 years. Add 40 to 1955, you get 1995. If you recall in the Bible, the children of Israel had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years, because they would not unite properly and believe God. It is the same with the Black man and woman in America. We did not totally unite properly and we did not believe God for a total victory. Because of this we went through our 40-year wilderness experience. 1955, plus 40, equals 1995. This is the year of the Million Man March, where The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan told Black men it was time to stand up like men and go home to our families. We were to repent that we have been disobedient to God. We were to tell our wives and children that we love them so much, that we were going to stand up and finish the job that Martin and Malcolm started. This was a glorious day. A day where over a million Black men came together and there was no violence. There was truly brotherly love. The whole world was shocked! The women that did come to the March said they never felt safer around Black men in their whole lives. Believe it or not, this was a picture of heaven on earth. This was a picture of what can happen in our communities if we unite properly. We unite with businessmen who hate God, but because it is good for business we unite. We spend money in stores that have owners that hate God and they hate our people, but we spend our money there anyway. We have the President come into our Holy Pulpits and talk to God’s people. These and other political leaders do not love God and they hate our people, but because they want a vote they will tolerate us for a while. We unite with the Democratic Party. Some in the Democratic Party believe in abortion. Some believe in homosexuality. Others believe in other things we do not believe in, but we unite with all of these aforementioned people, because we have certain issues in common. Racism, fascism and sexism are some issues that we have in common. I say we should use the same measuring stick when it comes to people that I like to call revolutionaries. These are people who are not in the church, but they are standing up for equal rights and justice. The Black Panther Party for Self Defense, The National Black United Front, The Nation of Islam and others. The government loves our disunity. As long as we are disunited we will never gain victory over this wicked oppressor. We will continue to wander around in the wilderness of despair if we do not unite. Prophecy says that it is time to gain full victory over the oppressor, but we cannot if we do not unite. We have natural friction when it comes to religion. We have natural friction sometimes when it comes to methodology. What we do have in common is that we all realize we must get equal rights and justice. We must, in the words of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Stokely Carmichael, present a united Black front against the government and their wicked hypocrisy. Read Deuteronomy 28:1-68. This scripture is a prophecy concerning the descendants of the Hebrews. At this time they had already come out of their slavery in Egypt. God prophecies that they will go back into slavery and serve a strange people. Their descendants would be made to worship wood and stone. They would be made to value wealth more than the life of their own brother and sister. They would be totally destroyed. The parents of the children would be totally destroyed. The children would be sacrificed to the system. Then in verse 68 it gives us a clear way to recognize these people. It says that they would be taken into slavery by way of ship. The Black man and woman of America are the only people in the history of mankind that have been taken into slavery by way of ship. We are the fulfillment of this scripture. The Egypt in verse 68 becomes a metaphor for America. America is our Egypt. You are a descendant of these Hebrews. The tribes of the Hebrews migrated all over Africa, including western Africa. We were stolen from western Africa. Back to Genesis 15:13,14. It says that Abram’s descendants shall come out of slavery with great substance. What was the great substance that we in America came out with? We were promised 40 acres and a mule, but the government never paid us what they said they would. The question comes up again: What great substance did the Black man and woman of America come out with? I believe it is education. The Black man and woman of America are the best-educated Black people on the earth. We must go to Africa and take this education and help Africa. We cannot come to our African brothers and sisters in an arrogant manner. We must come as brothers and sisters that just want to help. We must demand that the rulers of Africa nationalize the wealth in the earth so the people may benefit from the wealth. Right now the wealth has been privatized. It is in the hands of private companies. These companies are American and European. They hate our people and have them working as slaves. We have the power to free our people if we stand up. They need us! We must offer our knowledge of business to our family in Africa. They have the wealth and the culture. We can learn much about Africa from our African brothers and sisters. We have the technological know-how to help them mine the wealth in the earth, for the equal benefit of all our people. Dictators run Africa, these dictators were set up by Europe and America, so that Europe and America would become and stay rich. Africa is not poor. This is a lie told by Europe and America. Africa is the richest continent on the earth. Europe and America have disconnected our people from the wealth by fraudulent practices. We must demand that these African leaders nationalize the wealth so that the brother and sister living on the soil of Africa may benefit equally. We also must demand that they sever their ties with America and Europe. They should not allow America and Europe to mistreat and steal from their people. These racists mean our people no good. We can all benefit from the wealth of Africa, which has made Europe and America rich. These are our people; Africa is our homeland. Black man and woman, we must stand up and defend Africa. All other ethnic groups stand up for their homeland, Black people do not. This is shameful. All Bishops, preachers, teachers, missionaries and so-called lay-people in the Black church must stand up for Africa. We are letting Africa down. This is shameful. Now what? Romans 10:9,10, tells us that we are to believe that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. If we can believe this we are saved. After we believe this then we are to study the life of Jesus in what is called the New Testament. The primary books of Jesus’ life are found in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In Luke 4:18, we see a clear picture of the mission of Jesus. It says he came to preach the gospel to the poor. He does not come to the poor to leave them poor. The true message of Jesus eliminates poverty. How do you eliminate poverty? You have to confront the corruption in government, as Martin and Malcolm did. This scripture in Luke says that Jesus comes to heal the broken-hearted. Who is more broken-hearted than the Black man and woman of America, as well as worldwide? The cops shoot us down at will and nothing happens to them. We are still on the bottom of society. The government of the United States put drugs in our communities and the guns in our communities. They set up every gang and fomented the gang warfare, causing war, death and bloodshed in our communities. A lot of us cannot go to sleep at night, because of the gunfire going on all night. The gangs have over and over again tried to go for peace. The police would then infiltrate the gangs and start infighting to keep the gang warfare going. Once again we see the evil and wicked hand of the government at work. God has blessed our brothers and sisters to forge the way for some peace. Crime in our communities did take a downturn recently. A million Black men registered to vote after 1995. The reason for both of these events was the Million Man March. The scripture says that Jesus comes to preach deliverance to the captives. Who do you know that are going to the prisons to preach that they should be delivered from their captivity? Many of our brothers and sisters are in jail on false charges. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, a Native American brother, and many former Black Panther Party members, are all in jail because they took a stand against this wicked government. Many innocent Black men have been freed because of the new technology that is available today. The message of Jesus comes to free the innocent. All Black people in jail, whether guilty or innocent, are political prisoners. I say this because any White person that has committed the same crime as a Black man or woman, gets the lighter sentence or does not go to jail at all. The message of Jesus is to liberate those that have been bruised by this wicked system. In the Hebrew the word that is used for bruised means to be crushed. We as a people have been crushed by this wicked system. We have not been preaching a totally liberating message. The Bible constantly tells his people that they are to stand up for the oppressed and stand against the oppressor. This means that we as Christians and modern day Hebrews are to stand up against any and all wicked governments. It is the governments of America and Europe that have crushed us as a people. These governments have set up dictators in Central and South America, in Africa and in Asia. We are mandated by God to oppose these wicked governments. We must stand up for our people. I have proved through the Bible that we are descendants of the original Hebrews. We are Black; they were and are Black. Jesus is a Hebrew, I say He is, because he is not dead, he has risen from the dead. We are Black, we are Hebrews, Jesus is a Hebrew, He is Black. He is truly our Brother. He was too Black and too strong for the wicked authorities in that time. He is just like Mumia. An innocent Black man is set up for death by racist White folk. Rome killed Jesus; Rome is in Europe. We must stand. Thank God that Jesus rose from the dead to give us power to rise from the dead in this time. The whole world is living a life of Death; God said to live. The Bible is not the only book to tell us that Jesus rose from the dead. A great Hebrew historian, named Josephus wrote a book. Antiquities of the Jews, book 18, chapter 3, page 535 tells us that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead, just as the Bible has said. Josephus was an African Hebrew, or Jew, from the first century A.D. His book confirms all that the Bible states, from beginning to end. In other writings of Josephus he says that Jesus is a Black man. Philo and Herodotus, great Greek historians, tell us that the Hebrews in their day were and are Black people. Philo and Herodotus lived around 400 B.C. The top White scholars of the world know all of this information. They know that the Bible is speaking of the Black man and woman of America. The Pope knows. The head of the Church of England knows. The top heads of the White churches in America know. The heads of the schools of theology in America know. The heads of the secular colleges know. The president and his top White advisors know. All the top European leaders in the world know. How do they all know? These top leaders are required to study the Bible. All of their secret societies are based on the knowledge of the Bible and other African writings, only they use the knowledge to trick the masses of the darker peoples of the earth, as well as poor White people. In a later article I will expose the secrets of Masonry and some of the other secret societies. Masonry as practiced by White people in this time is not original Masonry. Solomon used Masons to construct the Temple for God in the Old Testament. Original Masons are African. It is the art of building. We were master builders in those times. The Caucasian practice of it in this time has made it evil. You have heard that it was of the Devil, but no one has explained why and how. By God’s help I will do just that. This whole European system is based on Masonry. From the government on down to their church structure, they are based on the secret Masonic order. Their colleges are also based on that same system. Even your dollar bill is full of Masonic symbols. I will expose them all! We as Black people of America must stop running from our destiny. We are troubled on every hand because we are running from our destiny. Our destiny is to know God through our brother Jesus Christ. Our destiny is to truly study his life and liberate our people from the wicked descendants of our former slave masters. This is our destiny. Do not let anyone keep you from your destiny. Do not let anything keep you from your destiny. If you run from your destiny you will never have total peace. Our people need you. You are valuable to the struggle. It is time for you to know your history and your culture. We must study our history. We must study Africa. We must study, study, and study some more. The beginning of our studies must be from the Bible. This is the most valuable book to all Black people and the whole world. We must know how to see our people and history in the Bible. Our people wrote the Bible. Our people gave the whole world civilization. We gave White people math, science, medicine and technology. I can prove it all from the Bible! You are family to me. I love you. I beg you to read for yourself, think about what you have read; ask God to reveal to you whether or not what you have just read is true. Do not give up on Black people. You have gifts in you that were put there by God to help Black people as well as the whole world. We the Black man and woman of America are the key to salvation for the whole world. This is our destiny. Let us embrace our destiny. Jesus Christ is to be loved, respected, and accepted as Lord, God and Saviour. He is the greatest Black man to ever live, and the greatest human being to ever live. As great as he is, part of his purpose for coming to us, was to show us the same exact greatness within ourselves. He came to show us the forgotten divine light within ourselves. We say his name and title in the Hebrew language, the original language of the Black man and woman: Yahushuah Ha’ Maschiach. As always thank you for reading these words. Just something to think about.