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Terror in America
Through this gateway to knowledge more truths are explored and revealed.
Proxy Wars for the Wealth of Africa
I was recently reflecting on the sad condition of Africa. I was reflecting on all the wars and killings taking place in Africa today. When we think like that, we automatically think about how Europe and America stole the land of Africa in the days of colonialism. We think of how the nations and powers of Europe exploited the land and the people. We think about how the nations of Europe and later America, all became wealthy from the land and people of Africa. Download May 7.doc
War on Terrorism
I would like to start a series of articles that will deal with the subject of terrorism. I would like to examine the root cause of terrorism. I would like to ask critical questions as it concerns terrorism. I would like for us to question ourselves and see if we are really certain as to the identity of the terrorists in the world. As we go about this mammoth task, I want us to examine the crisis in the Middle East. We want to get at the real root causes of the crisis or conflict in the Middle East. Along the way I will examine racism. As we examine race and racism, I will be truthful, but respectful. Let us get right to it. Download The War On Terrorism.doc
War on Terrorism Part 2
We want to continue with our examination of what is called "The War On Terrorism". We want to keep in mind that all that we see going on was already preplanned by the authors of the document called, "Project For A New American Century", or PNAC for short. We want to keep in mind that many and most of those surrounding President George Bush, were authors and contributors to the PNAC document. Vice President Richard Cheney was a primary author of PNAC. We now want to continue to examine the cause of the conflicts in the so-called Middle East and now expand our vision to include Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. As we continue this mammoth task we will be able to identify the real terrorist in the world. Let us continue. Download Part_2_The_War_On_Terrorism.doc
Who is the real Terrorist?
In this article I would like to continue to focus on the war on terrorism. We have talked about the wicked actions of the Bush Administration in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have proven that lies have been told to justify those wicked actions. We have shown that all that we see was already preplanned through the PNAC document. Go to the Internet and Google, Project For a New American Century and you can read the plan for yourself. We have shown that those persons that surround President Bush all had a hand in the production of the PNAC document, (Project For A New American Century). Download October_17.doc
Who is the real Terrorist? Part 4
We have been dealing with what is called “The War On Terrorism”. We have been looking at the root cause of terrorism in the world. We have been exposing the Bush Administration and all of those involved in pulling the wool over our eyes, as it concerns “The War On Terrorism”. We have already shown that it is the government of the United States that is the main terrorist on the planet. Dr. King bore witness to this truth when he said that it is the government of the United States that is the greatest purveyor of the violence in the world. We have been looking at the foreign policy of the United States and we will continue to do so; but now let us take a look at the domestic policy of the United States, especially as it concerns the Fraternal Order of The Police. We want to take a brief look at the tactics of the Fraternal Order of The Police and determine whether or not they are a positive or a negative force in the Black community in particular and the poor community in general. Download January_24.doc
The DaVinci Code
There is a very interesting and controversial movie that is about to come out called The DeVinci Code. I know that a lot of you are going to see it. I also plan on seeing it. I am sure many of you know, that those that are not our friends control the movie industry. Those that control the movie industry are working together with the powers that be. The powers that be are those that are in charge of the country. The people that are at the head of this Government of The United States are the powers that be. Much of what we see in the movies is propaganda that reinforces the wishes of the powers that be. Let us go quickly to the DeVinci code and uncover some facts that those in the media do not want us to know. Download The_DeVinci_Code.doc
The DaVinci Code Pt 2
I would like this article to be a follow up to the first article that I wrote on The Da Vinci Code. I want to point out the problems that the Catholic Church has with the movie. I will list each major problem that the Christian Churches have with the movie, and then I will go back over those problems in detail. As I go over those problems in detail, I will show how the Christian Church in general and the Catholic Church and Pope in particular have really played the hypocrite as it concerns the movie. I want to go over the history of the church and the rise of Rome and the Pope. I want to show how the Pope and Rome came to be the center of the Christian faith. Download Something_To_Think_About_doc_da_vinci_code_2.doc
Everlasting Life
As I comment on this lesson I will also comment on their political views and show how those political views are in reality against the word of God and against the people of the world, especially the poor and oppressed of the world. Download Everlasting_Life.doc
The Dollar Bill
The Story of White Supremacy in America Download The_Dollar_Bill.doc